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Interior Design Affiliate Program

For years, we heard from independent designers who wanted to offer their clients the high quality and remarkable value that Kline Cabinetmakers is known for. Our response? The Kline Cabinetmakers Interior Design Affiliate (IDA) program. We welcome qualified independent designers to become IDA members and to benefit from special, to-the-trade privileges. (See the Terms and Conditions for qualification requirements and full details.)

As a Kline Cabinetmakers Design Affiliate, you earn a referral fee on every purchase. But the biggest benefit might be what else you get back: the freedom to focus on design. Because we process every order, oversee prep, delivery and installation, and handle customer service, you get more time to do what you love. And every item your clients choose will have our full backing, support and our lifetime commitment to stand behind the quality of our work.



Join our IDA program by filling out the free membership form.

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Promote Kline Cabinetmakers for your clients' projects.



Earn a referral fee on every cabinetry purchase.